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How it all began...

Friends were surprised and asked "why this business?"

For me, it's always been about finding the sweet spot between pretty and practical.  As much as I love beautiful things (hello, retail therapy!), when you become a mom of two little ones, saving money becomes a priority, right?

More importantly, the privilege of becoming parents has profoundly changed our view of living. We want our children to enjoy the world that we lived in while we were growing up - in a world filled with wonder, not one burdened by environmental challenges. This personal desire to ensure a healthy planet for future generations that has fueled our passion for sustainability.

Being the first among my friends to have kids was a wild ride! My husband and I were clueless about what we actually needed. I ended up buying way too much stuff, most of which never even got used. It felt like everything cute and functional was ridiculously expensive, and the practical stuff...well, let's just say it wasn't exactly winning any design awards.

That's when the lightbulb went off: Why can't we have both? Beautiful AND practical solutions that wouldn't break the bank.  So, after a ton of designing, research, late-night chats with amazing seamstresses, and endless support from my family and friends, "By This Mom" was born.


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