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I'm Clarice

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As a woman and a mother of two, I crave beautiful things, but practicality is also a priority. Too often, cute designs lacked durability, and functional items were sometimes basic looking. I knew there had to be a better way.

"By This Mom" was born from that desire - a collection of sustainable products designed with busy, modern moms in mind. We believe in aesthetics, functionality, and long-lasting quality – the trifecta of happy parenting. Our products are crafted with integrity and designed to make your life easier, all while looking beautiful. They're made to last, just like the love you share with your precious little ones.

Fun Fact: My life of a mompreneur requires a lot of "mom-agement", and productive day for me includes my trusty ear buds to drown out the chaos, a good chocolate drink to fuel our hustle, and my trusty phone that doubles as my personal assistant!

Join the "By This Mom" community to experience the difference yourself.

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Becoming parents has profoundly impacted our view of the future. We want our children to inherit a world filled with wonder, not one burdened by environmental challenges. It's this deep-seated desire to ensure a healthy planet for future generations that has fueled our passion for sustainability.

We endeavor to reduce our environmental footprint - We are committed to using recyclable, biodegradable and minimal packaging materials and believe in responsible sourcing practices. We work with partners that prioritize sustainability and the fair treatment of their workers involved in our supply chain.

Thank you for being on this journey with us to create a world where our children can experience the joys of childhood in a healthy and vibrant environment.

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