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Baby Carrier Bags

Clean baby carrier all day, every day! Keeps dirt, dust, rain, spills away

Great for storing and & organizing your baby carriers/ baby wraps

Functional snap buttons to keep your hands free

Store your beautiful and expensive carriers in pristine conditions

Reusable, eco-friendly pods for your diapers and staycations

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Featuring our exclusive designs, these raincoats designed by this mom are not only great for wet weathers, they are light-weight and perfect as a windbreaker for travels.

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I have always believed that a good product should always have aesthetics, functionality and mileage. As a woman, I am attracted to buying beautiful things. Yet as a mother of two young children, I understood the importance of quality and durability.

Since the birth of my first child, I've bought so many things, and learnt that not everything I've bought was needed to raise a child, and a lot of times, things that were functional were not aesthetically pleasing and pretty things were not multi-functional. Then I thought, "why can't we have the best of both worlds?"

Meetings and discussions with experienced seamstresses, lots of research and a whole lot of support from my family and friends later, "By This Mom" was born.

Designed to make lives easier,  made to last with those who are dear. 

Created with integrity, and cherished by many.

This is the essence of By This Mom.



Best quality for wetbags etc. The only con is you will be tempted to purchase more due to their quality products!

Grab it fast, don’t like me as the prints I want are all out of stock ! Thank you for making my life is so much easy with your bags!


By This Mom raincoats and bags are my lifesavers! I use them daily in my life. Raincoats are waterproof, yet easy to dry with the day. My children love to wear the raincoat too as it keeps them warm and comfortable against the cold wind during rainy weather. I use the wet bags as my reusable bags to the supermarket as well as wet bag for my wet umbrella. Grateful for By This Mom in my life!​​


I started off with a carrier bag, a handy bag and a diaper changing mat for my baby to store the carrier and her diaper changing needs during one of the baby fairs. Loved the quality and material and have been my go-to brand for wet bags and all products for both myself and my baby. You can even customise the products with your name!


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